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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music Matter: Episode 9

almost a month since the last episode..
the truth is actually im waiting for some videos and pictures
to be shared with u guys..
but unfortunately until now i cant manage to get the media...
maybe letter..
despite of all that disappointment, ive decided to share another thing...
that would be....


so.. memang tengah musim exam pon..
so xsalah nk cite pasal paper aku kan..
okay sem ni aku just ade 2 paper jek.. yg lagi 9 subjek sume xm performance..
the first is my Music Theory..
kalo korg bace dari 1st episode korg dah tau la music theory tu ape..
so ni ak ade scan paper Quiz 2 music theory..

memang xclear kalo tgk gini.. cube klik mane tau gamba jadi besa ke ape ke.. haha.. tgk markah aku tuh.. 29/50.. terok!! sbb, study last minute.. hurm.. lgpon mmg theory 4 ni ssh sket.. pening aku.. sape kate music senang huh??????

nih soalan analyze paling tensen.. huuuuuuuuu... cmnela agaknye music theory mase degree nnt.. mst mcm add math jadinye.. haha!

and the following is my Aural Skills paper..
again if korg folow episod ni dari awal korg dah tau la aural tu ape..
paper ni okay sikit..
terima kasih atas pertolongan Mohd Hazlie Mohd Rislan...

aural... nampak ketas soalan macam simple kan??
cube korg bace soalan die ape.. huh!!

intervals.. adoi.. memerlukan telinga yg sgt peka..
perfect pitch.. mmg xlah.. haha..

so i guess thats all that id like to share for this post...
will be collecting more pictures n videos n whatsoever music related media..
come back later for more..

**im thinkin of making an online music lessons through this blog..
what do u think??? =)

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