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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Music Matter: Episode 10

done with emotions.
back to blog.
before i start with the tenth episode, id like to share something..
not about music but about me..
ak baru jek lepas lulus ujian JPJ moto..
kete nanti2 lah! susah!
ni hah result die.. kalo xnmpk pndai2 la nk zoom..
so lpas ni sape2 nk membonceng ak xde hal punyelah!! haha

The Tenth Episode!!

in this post, id like to share another subject that ive learn in music diploma..
kali ni bukan perform, bukan paper, its.....

so agak2 korg pon tau la teknologi kan.. mostly melibatkan komputer..
so secara ringkasnya music tech ni is a subject
that lets us explore the use of technology in music world..

actually subjek ni mase sem 3..
dah lepas tapi ak still apply sume yg ak blaja smpai skrg..
well, technology is quite important okay..
sebenanye, kebanyakan music yg kite denga kat radio tiap2 hari,
mostly gune software..(xcept band)
cuma vokal jek diorg record(still uses music software)
tapi music sume gune software..

korg leh denga sample kat sini..

lagu yg tajuk die "Confessions On A Night Call" tuh,
sume ak wat gune software kecuali voice ngan lead guitar..
and another song "TITAS" tu plak, drum die sume gune software..
gitar ak record(gune software yg same)..

so sebenanye byk gune software nih.. even ak xhabis xplore..
antara kegunaan utama ialah;

Sound Editing

recording can be professionally or home made..
professionally means with complete equipment by professional people..
home made, mcm ak lah..
limited resources, just gune ape yg ade dgn kreativiti sndiri..
stakat ni yg ak dah penah record gitar jelah..
easy and simple..

okay sound editing ni kalo xblaja music pon boleh gune..
just kene ad software yg betol lah..
btw, ni ak ade video sample..
time nih ak saje2 edit lagu Meet Uncle Hussein dgn lagu HafizAF..
ce try dengar..
ni saje2 jek.. mmg xsedap, ak saje nk tnjuk sample editing im capable of to do with this software..

mcm apetah jadiknye laggu tuh.. hehe..

mixing means mencampur! haha
generally, mixing ni ialah proses nk mix recorded audio..
contohnye, gita da record, drum da record, vokal da record,
so skarang tinggal nk gabungkan sume2 audio tu menjadi satu lagu yg sempurna..
tu jek..
dlm mixing ni byk proses sound editing yg terlibat..
nk cite mmg panjang, so nk tau lebih?
blaja la music!! hehe..

so i guess thats all for this post..
next week ill be back to shah alam to start a ne semester..
surely there will be more thing id learn,
and ill share everything here!
so, come again later ek...

chow.... =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Non-Musical Post (self restraint)

okay first of all, i would like to inform that this post isnt musical at all..
it should be a post where i express what ive been thinking lately..
and sorry that i cant continue on Music Matter post,
the problem is im currently having semester break, and while im home,
theres not much musical thing that i can share..
i guess ill continue when the new semester starts..

~~enter my world~~

i know im not really good at anything..
i just know few things..
generally im just a regular guy trying to make myself happy..
along with my effort, i find out some people being just too annoying for me..
yea i know im not even close to perfect,
and i have no rights to judge people..
but i think im old enough to figure out whether ur a friend,
or just a friend trying to manipulate me,
or just somebody i know that really looks down on me..

personally, i care bout people's thought bout me..
since im 15, ive been trying hard to control myself..
not to say words, or to take an action,
that would hurt or irritate others, especially my friends..
i can be too talkative, and i can be really annoying,
and im trying my best not to be like that..

i just wanna be regular,
i wanna be a guy that listen more to his surroundings..
i wanna think thoroughly before i take any action..
ive been trying..
and i did somehow change a bit..
eventually i start to think more bout other's feelings..
not just my friends, even more that feelings appears towards my family..
i used to hate my lil bro so much..
i dont know why but i just hate em..
once, i did not speak to him for almost a month..
then i realize that he was just a child..
cant really think of actions he made..
its me.
im an adult already..
i should be more responsible..
and when i look at the situation from his point of view, i can see..
i can see the love that i shouldve shown to him all these years..
and so ive changed..
i see things from different view..

i need them
they help me discover my personality
they help me to be myself
losing a good friend is a thing that i found so hard
it shows how terrible i am in social relationship
and again it brought me to have a look again at myself
what have i done?
been a good friend?
been a foe?
been a what??

i think i know music
i think i can play music
i think i understand music
yesterday i did a simple test on myself
i record myself playing
and i go through every seconds of the video
and guess what i see??
a regular guy playing an instrument
i dont deserve the title "Music Student"
2 years studying music, i havent improved..
another disappointing spot of me...

"im just as smart as my google search"
i just know some things that i found on google
ive never really invented something

have been in love several times..
even twice with one girl..
still expecting and waiting for a girl..
but honestly
seeing how i behave
i dont think i deserve someone like her
im starting to get over it
even i know honestly i cant..
even if its 20 years from now..
never really get to felt true love, yet..
or maybe never
it isnt impossible aite?
another dead end

::im no good::

to end this sarcasm
ill just hold on to one word


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music Matter: Episode 9

almost a month since the last episode..
the truth is actually im waiting for some videos and pictures
to be shared with u guys..
but unfortunately until now i cant manage to get the media...
maybe letter..
despite of all that disappointment, ive decided to share another thing...
that would be....


so.. memang tengah musim exam pon..
so xsalah nk cite pasal paper aku kan..
okay sem ni aku just ade 2 paper jek.. yg lagi 9 subjek sume xm performance..
the first is my Music Theory..
kalo korg bace dari 1st episode korg dah tau la music theory tu ape..
so ni ak ade scan paper Quiz 2 music theory..

memang xclear kalo tgk gini.. cube klik mane tau gamba jadi besa ke ape ke.. haha.. tgk markah aku tuh.. 29/50.. terok!! sbb, study last minute.. hurm.. lgpon mmg theory 4 ni ssh sket.. pening aku.. sape kate music senang huh??????

nih soalan analyze paling tensen.. huuuuuuuuu... cmnela agaknye music theory mase degree nnt.. mst mcm add math jadinye.. haha!

and the following is my Aural Skills paper..
again if korg folow episod ni dari awal korg dah tau la aural tu ape..
paper ni okay sikit..
terima kasih atas pertolongan Mohd Hazlie Mohd Rislan...

aural... nampak ketas soalan macam simple kan??
cube korg bace soalan die ape.. huh!!

intervals.. adoi.. memerlukan telinga yg sgt peka..
perfect pitch.. mmg xlah.. haha..

so i guess thats all that id like to share for this post...
will be collecting more pictures n videos n whatsoever music related media..
come back later for more..

**im thinkin of making an online music lessons through this blog..
what do u think??? =)