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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music Matter : Episode 5

guys, girls, gays, before i start on the fifth episode of the music learning,
id like to promote my Project Band page..
maybe ade yg tau kot pasal Homework...
tapi rasenye ak sorg jek pon yg tau.. =p
ianya bukanlah sebuah band, just a platform ntok ak
upload lagu2 ak or cover or whatsoever music project yg ak buat lah..
saje nk share..
so kalo korg bosan2, atau rajin2, lawatlah page Homework nih..
Just Click The Link Below;

terimakasih! now carry on with the fifth episode!!



so this entry i guess will be a short one..
but its okay since ive planned to explain about my
class.. and theres not much to say bout this class because it mainly
involve audio material for learning.. and "sound" is hard to be explained in "words"..
while im learning about music notation in the music theory class,
i need to know how does the notation sound when is played as well..
in easy term, we can say that music theory is the "theory",
and aural skills is the "practical"..

what we all learn in music theory will be applied in the aural skills class..
in theory its all on paper, but in aural its all about listening..

the exam?
okay, im gonna use simple example here..
i guess everyone knew the song "mary had a little lamb" ??
not sure??
erm, this song lah..

haha, recorded this in keyboard skills class!
mmg noob okay, im not a pianist, im a percussionist! (*tp main percussion pon hancor gak!)

okay now u've heard the song,
ill tell u how the exam goes..

the lecturer will first play the song,
then we have to notate down the song..
the lecturer will repeat for several time..
then its up to us weather we can detect the notes or not..
kalo xdapat tu mmg menangis lah kan!!

so the final answer will be like this, exactly like this,

so? understood? ke xpaham lagi?
the conclusion of this class is simple;

we have to notate whatever the lecturer plays!

class ni memang menguji kesabaran betul..
but alhamdulillah, until this fourth semester of taking this class,
ive never failed.. hope to keep it up because my grades seems to be falling quite rapidly..

okay thats all about aural class, actually banyak lagi kalo nk cite,
but i think this was enough..
for the next episode, im planning to tell u guys about the

heeeeeee.. malaysian music? wtf??
wanna know? check in again to this blog later! =p

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