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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me, Music And Everything Between Us- #04

in this post id like to post pictures!
i mean lots of pictures!
sume gamba2 time MODUL 5, the last Modul ever..
not much difference..
just modul kali ni byk selit politics la..
tp sebenanye xdela byk sgt politik, more to reminding our own 'melayu' of our status now..
mmg sume ape yg dieceramahkan, sume betol, sume penting..
ramai yg masih belum sedar kat mana melayu sekarang nih..
not to be racist, but this is our land..
its the only treasure!
tp biasela, da name pon melayu..
asal ceramah jek sume tido, camne nk sedar?
only time can tell!

lets go through the day! =p
*click pictures to enlarge!

dahhh... tu aje pic aku!
haha.. sorry camera xlawa..
credit to my group members;
emir, zurin, syamim, and najiha
karena sudi melayan karenah saya! haha!
*i know im annoying aite!
so, lepas nih da tade modul dah..
kalo dak muzik tu bole la jumpe lg, yg bebudak kos laen tuh,
hurm, kalo ade rezki jumpe la ye!!
thats all for now..

for today's tips,
i have an update to the last post's tips!
ala yg nk bypass SKMM internet block tuh..
okay dlm post yg lepas, ive told u to go to kan??
leceh gak la setiap kali nk on9 kene gune tu...
so, i found a new technique online..
senang jek..
tuka DNS server korg..
bende ni senang sgt..
n xkan effect pape sama ada kat computer korg,
or kat internet connection korg..
so jgn risau lah nak cube..
nk xplain susah,
so ive made a video..
just watch and u shall understand! any question just PM me okay!