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Friday, June 24, 2011

Me, Music And Everything Between Us- #02

okay, in this post id like to share again, a forum vdeo.
and in this vdeo its my friend, Linda who major in Vocal performing..
so korang bole tgk la, what kind of music yg diorg kene nyanyi..
nk nyanyi lagu justin bieber? xdapat la jeppp...
classical only! =) enjoy..

so cane? ade berani kate blaja music ni senang??
try nyanyi sket camtuh! haha...
btw, congrats Linda for those great singin..

Me, Music And Everything Between Us - #02

since ive nothing to share about music in this post,
i'll just skip to the TIPS TYPING section okay!!

so in this post id like to share a windows customization software..
i used it for a bout a year now..
no problem at all
software ni ntok windows 7 je ek!!
kalo korg rase bosan ngan logon screen korg yg plain blue camni..

jadi cool camnih!!

*credit to google for both pictures above. i cant take my own logon screenshot coz i just dont know how to.. haha

so kalo korg beminat..
meh ak aja cane nak wat..
simple jek.. dulu software nih.. Win7LogonChanger
2.lpas dload, xperlu install pon.. just right-click the file and click "run as administrator"..
3.lpas tuh click la button "choose folder" kat atas belah kanan..
4.then locate folder mane yg korg letak gamba nk wat jadi logon screen tuh.. locate the folder okay, bukan gamba tesebot.. pastu click okay!
5.pastu korg pilih la gamba mane yg korg nak kat atas tu, then click "apply" kat belah kanan!
6.DONE! settle dah.. kalo xcaye cube logoff, nnt background die da tuka..

kalo susah nk paham instruction,
usha lah vdeo nih..
ak wat sndiri kat laptop ak spaye korg xcakap ak menipu plak..

so, i guess thats all for now..
ill write again later.. =)
selamat mencuba!!

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