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Friday, February 25, 2011

Music Matter

okay setelah lama x menaip, tiba2 saya rasa bosan dan ingin menaip.. haha.. lately sangat busy, exam week lah katekan. hurm, baru jek lepas exam keroncong petang td, kire okay lah.. since im bored and i have nothing else to do,(sbb dah abes exam kan), i think, today's topic going to be;

My Music Learning!

okay, i think its time to tell you guys what ive been learning all this time. ive got a lot of questions such as this, "eh afan afan, kau kan, amik music kan, ape je yg ko blaja ek? main gita la ye??" and this "kau amik music, lepas ni jadi artis lah kan??" or this "seronok lah kau, blaja music, senang je kan??"
*okay yg last tu xdela question sgt, but its the most annoying sentences ever!!

okay, firstly saya mahu tekankan, MUSIC AIN'T EASY!!!

its totally the same as hard as ur account, as hard as ur computer science, as hard as ur whatsoever course ur learning! the only difference, that can make music so easy is TALENT!
unlike other courses, music or arts requires natural talent, so, if one has no talents, music can be the hardest thing ever on this big blue planet for him or her!!! see, its hard, really, its hard. i think i do have a little talent, and still i think that music is very hard to learn and master!! so please, stop giving those immature negative perceptions about music.

okay, kembali kepada topik asal, muzik! hehe.. okay, i think im gonna start with my semester 1 learning. *konon2 nak wat blog berepisod lah ni! haha..

ill start the so called episode of my music learning in my next post, entitled EPISODE 1! haha.. so, thats all now, will begin typing soon!

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