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Sunday, May 17, 2009

unhappily separated

gosh its been a while since my last post.. idk.. lately im not interested to my com as usual.. so many things passin by n im losing each one of it without knowing the lost! cruel life isnt it? hurm.. in about a week, half of my friends will be goin to further their study.. n in bout a month all of us will b separated.. im too happy as well as too sad currently.. of course ill meet new buddies soon, but, its kind of complicated.. its hard to find friends.. i mean "friends".. ill be missin them so damn fuckin much for sure.. huh.. do u think its annoying?? i kept on posting entries regarding friends, showing them how much i appreciate to b their friends.. but i dont even know if i am one of them.. hurm.. idc.. all i know is i put friends 1st instead of myself, famly, lover or whatever! im thinking of producing new songs.. or maybe ill remake the 'Best Friends' song with a better audio.. n ill let u noe when its done.. thats all now.. ill be updating this blog once a week i guess.. huhu.. later dude! :)


  1. persoalannya adakah saya salah sorg daripada kawan yg kamu ckap itu?????hahahahaha